Aged 20 Year Vintage Puerh Tea Review

Aged 20 Year Vintage Puerh Tea
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Tea Type:
puerh tea
loose leaf
110 Grams
puerh tea

The Origins of Pu-Erh Tea

Farmers from centuries ago planted it in the land of Yunnan, China. They used the traditional method to grow this plant. For many years, people take this as a medicine. But as the years went by, weight watchers also drank this tea to reduce fat.

The Process of Making This Tea

There are different types of teas. Each type undergoes various measures. As for vintage Pu-Erh tea, it needs to be fermented under high humidity. And the longer you ferment the tea, the better it tastes.

The Aroma and Taste of Vintage Pu-Erh Tea

Vintage Pu-Erh Tea has a unique fragrance and flavor that cannot be copied by younger Pu-Erh teas. Since it underwent fermentation for 20 years, it has a pungent aroma and taste. Despite the long process of fermentation, it will give you a velvety, slightly sweet taste.

Vintage Pu-Erh tea is best for weight watchers and people who are always on the go. It is also good for those who have degenerative problems like high cholesterol and hypertension.

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